Île d'Arz

A 40-Minute drive will take you to the Parc du Golfe in Vannes with free parking, all within a very short walk to the Gare Maritime, where you collect your ticket and board your boat

There are several trips offered

A tour of the Golfe, about 2 hours around the islands of the Golfe du Morbihan

The tour can be combined with a visit to either the Ile a Moines or Ile De Arz or both islands

Or boat trips to either Island, which run frequently throughout the day 7 days a week in the summer months

A very picturesque island within the heart of the Golfe du Morbihan, where you can take lunch, buy fresh sea food, got to the local beaches, hire bikes or take many walks

We would personally recommend this as a great day out

There are multiple ferry companies operating from Vannes

There are some leaflets in the Gite or Information can be found online about the Golfe d Morbihan and the Islands

Ferry Port

Left Gare Maritime Vannes

Right Slip Way

Ile d Arz

Hotel, Bar, Resturant Ile D Arz



Left - Open Land

Right - Port

Ferry Ride to the Island

Ferry Ride to the Island

Ferry Ride to the Island

Ferry Ride to the Island

Tour de Golfe

Tour de Golfe

Tour de Golfe

Megalithic Stones

Tour de Golfe

There is also a Maire information website, click here to view Ile d Arz maire site

Golfe du Morbihan Boat trips and prices, click here to view Golfe Du Morbihan -Bateaux information - Ile d Arz

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