Ploermel and Lac au Duc

Just 25 Minutes from the Gites, is the town of Ploermel and the 250 hectare lake Lac au Duc with watersports and sandy beach

Ploermel is a larger town with many shops, banks, supermarkets, restaurants etc, it has an old part of the town which is nice to explore and has may boutique shops and lovely restaurants also

Just to the west of the town is Lac au Duc, which has a "club nautique" The Lac au Duc is a popular place for sailing, canoeing, picnics, fishing and walking with watersports, a great beach, lake side bar and restaurant, water slides and a inflatable park where you just pay for the kids, a 3km Hydrangea walk (below) and a golf course

The Hortensias Trail, A unique trail among the hydrangeas , Unique in France, this circuit featuring many varieties of Brittany's symbolic plant, the hydrangea, takes you on a walk round the Lac au Duc. The trail starts in the fantastic undergrowth by the Lac au Duc, and continues on for some 3 kilometres. From the beginning of July through to the end of September, the lake blossoms with colourful and majestic flowers, pink, red, blue and white. Narrated walks are organised twice weekly, not just to explain some of the history of these symbolic plants (originally from Asia and imported to Brittany), but also to offer advice on how to grow them. The hortensia trail is the result of a collaboration between Ploërmel local council and Alain Dussine, a keen nurseryman, and today the collection is unique in Europe. Opened in 2000, the trail has 5500 hortensias, with around 550 different varieties!

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